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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Latest Software for Ashling MIPS Debugging Tools

Arcadi Systems provides Technical Support and Software Downloads for registered and authorized users of Arcadi's Software Update and Support Service PDF datasheet: Extended Warranty and Software Updates Service for Ashling embedded-microprocessor debugging tools.

Ashling MIPS Tools software status:

PathFinder-XD for MIPS Debugger (Eclipse-CDT) Software Status:
   Current release: v1.0.7-A
   Released on: April 29th 2013

New Features in PathFinder-XD for MIPS v1.0.7-A include:

  1. New Path Mapping feature allows PathFinder-XD to quickly locate your source-files (See User Manual, sect. 3.3)
  2. Improved performance of multi-core debugging and Linux Process Listing view
  3. User manual (bookmarked PDF) updated to v1.6
  4. Extended support for devices based on Broadcom®'s BRCM 5000 ("Zephyr", BMIPS5000) core, including BRCM7420, BCM7421, BCM7422 and BCM7424, with on-chip trace
  5. PathFinder-XD now migrated to Eclipse 3.7.2, CDT/DSF 8.0.2 and GDB v7.4.1
  6. Miscellaneous bug-fixes
  7. Embedded Linux debugging support for Broadcom's Connect 20 Software Development Platform (powered by BCM7420 dual-threaded 750MHz MIPS-architecture SoC). You can download the Connect 20 Linux sources here.
  8. Embedded Linux debugging support for QEMU simulator. See Ashling Product Brief APB211; you can download the QEMU MIPS Linux sources here.
  9. Embedded Linux debugging board-support-package for Ubiquiti Networks RouterStation Pro (powered by the Atheros AR7161 MIPS24K-core wireless network processor) using the open-source DD-WRT router/access-point software. See Ashling Product Brief APB207; you can download the DD-WRT Linux sources here.
Broadcom is a registered trademark of Broadcom Corporation.

README.TXT for PathFinder-XD-MIPS Debugger, version 1.0.7-A

You can download and view the Readme.txt for the PathFinder-XD-MIPS Debugger version 1.0.7-A here

Arcadi Product Brief APB213: Using PathFinder-XD-MIPS with Broadcom BRCM 5000-core Devices

This Arcadi Product Brief describes how to use the Ashling PathFinder-XD source debugger with targets that use Broadcom's BRCM 5000 ("Zephyr", BMIPS5000) core, including BRCM7420, BCM7421, BCM7422 and BCM7424.

Download PathFinder-XD-MIPS Debugger, version 1.0.7-A (requires Login):

Download PathFinder-XD-MIPS ver. 1.0.7-A for Windows

Download PathFinder-XD-MIPS ver. 1.0.7-A for Linux-x86-32bit
Download PathFinder-XD-MIPS (Eclipse-CDT-based) ver. 1.0.7-A for Linux-x86-32bit here
Unpack the file and run SETUP from the extracted file

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