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Development Toolkit for NXP's new TV550 Global TV Platform

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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Ashling introduces JTAG Debug Probe for NXP's new Nexperia TV550 Global TV Platform

Ashling Microsystems, in co-operation with the Home Business Unit of NXP Semiconductors, has introduced a new range of development and debug tools for NXP’s  PNX85500, the advanced processor for its TV550 global DTV platform.

The NXP TV550 is a new global single-chip digital TV platform that allows viewers to enjoy HD digital TV and Internet content with unparalleled picture quality on mid-range TVs.  NXP’s TV550, which features the PNX85500 processor and integrates NXP‘s proprietary Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP2) technology, allows manufacturers to offer a range of advanced high definition TV features only previously available in high-end sets.

The Ashling toolset, supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems, offers a comprehensive solution for PNX85500 and TV550 application development.  The toolset includes:

The NXP TV550 is a new global single-chip digital TV platform that makes key features such as H.264, HD ME/MC, CI+ and IPTV available for mainstream TVs. To enable this NXP integrated an unparalleled number of complex IP blocks in an extremely efficient 45nm SoC.

The TV550 combines front-end video processing functions, such as DVB-T channel decoding, MPEG-2/H.264 decode, analog video decode and HDMI reception, with advanced back-end video picture improvements. It also includes next generation Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP2). The MAPP2 technology provides state-of-the-art motion artifact reduction with vivid color management. High flat-panel screen resolutions and refresh rates are supported with formats including 1366 × 768 @ 100Hz/120Hz and 1920 × 1080 @ 100Hz/120Hz. The combination of Ethernet, CI+ and H.264 opens many possibilities for new TV experiences with IPTV or VOD.

The TV550 platform addresses a wide range of digital television requirements for the North American, European and Asian markets. The TV550 system is available in two different versions: with the MAPP2 technology (PNX85507) for mainstream TV sets and without the MAPP2 technology (PNX85502) to provide an effective BOM for lower-end systems.