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Vitra-MIPS Real-Time Trace and EJTAG Debug Probe for MIPS Development

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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Vitra-MIPS High-Speed Networked Emulator, Source Debugger and Real Time Trace for embedded development on MIPS™ RISC cores

Ashling's Vitra-MIPS Emulator PDF datasheet: Vitra High-speed EJTAG debug interface for MIPS, supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems, is a powerful networked Emulation and Trace system for embedded development based on the MIPS™ RISC cores.

Vitra debugging is completely non-intrusive and requires no target system resources. Together with Ashling’s PathFinder source-level debugger, Vitra provides powerful run/stop control of embedded software, supporting both hardware and software breakpoints. Vitra provides fast code download to the target MIPS™-powered system, and allows control and interrogation of all processor, co-processor and system resources.

Vitra includes Instruction Trace and Triggering for target systems that incorporate the MIPS™ EJTAG PC Trace or TCB-PDTRACE extensions. Vitra provides high-speed Ethernet, USB and serial connections to the host PC.

Vitra MIPS EJTAG emulator

The powerful Vitra-MIPS unit provides real-time Trace and Debugging on your target MIPS-core application.

Vitra Emulator and Trace Specification

Real-Time Trace: Target system clocks up to 200MHz supported, for systems with the MIPS™ EJTAGPC Trace extension (EJTAG v2.0x) or TCB-PDTrace (EJTAG v2.6). PathFinder shows traced data in hex, symbolic disassembly or source code with time-stamp.

Trigger Events System: On-chip MIPS™ trigger resources are complemented with Vitra triggers, including maskable trace port data comparators, counters and sequencers. External trigger controls, both input and output, are provided. Triggers can be specified symbolically and can be set on code execution or data access.

Target connection: MIPS™-standard 14-way IDC connector (EJTAG 2.5x/2.6); 20-way IDC connector (EJTAG 1.5x/2.0x); 38-way MICTOR™ connector (TCB-PDTRACE); Extended EJTAG up to 50-way. Connectors are available for all options. Supports 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V targets.

MIPS™-standard 14-way IDC connector (EJTAG 2.5x/2.6); 20-way IDC connector (EJTAG 1.5x/2.0x, EJTAG PCTrace v2.0x); 38-way MICTOR connector (EJTAG PDTrace v2.6x); 28-way IDC connector (EEJTAG PCTrace v2.0x).

Host: PC with Windows Vista/XP/2000. Ethernet, USB and RS232 serial connection to host PC.

Compiler support: All popular MIPS™ C/C++ compilers are supported, including GNU GCC, Green Hills Software, Wind River and all other ELF/DWARF-compliant compilers


PathFinder-MIPS Source Debugger:

The PathFinder-MIPS Source-level debugger is the user-interface for the Ashling Vitra-MIPS and Opella-XD-MIPS Emulators for MIPS™ cores.

PathFinder-MIPS supports all popular MIPS™ C/C++ compilers, including GNU GCC, Green Hills Software, Wind River and all other ELF/DWARF-compliant compilers.

Target flash programming support for a broad range of devices is also provided.

Broad Device Support:

All popular MIPS™ cores with EJTAG Debug Interface (EJTAG 1.5x, 2.0.x, 2.5x or 2.6) are supported, including MIPS32-4Kp, MIPS32-4Km, MIPS32-4Kd, MIPS32-4KEp, MIPS32-4KEm, MIPS32-4KEc, MIPS32-4KS, MIPS32-M4K. Specific support is provided for a wide variety of MIPS licensees. Contact Arcadi Systems for support on a particular MIPS™ core.

Vitra-MIPS Order Codes:

Product Order Code
Vitra-MIPS Emulator and Trace with standard 64K x 128-bit trace memory Vitra-MIPS
Vitra-MIPS Emulator and Trace with optional 512K x 128-bit trace memory Vitra-MIPS-T512K
PathFinder-MIPS Source Debugger software for Windows hosts PF-MIPS
EJTAG v2.5x/2.6 14-way IDC debug cable TPA-MIPS-EJTAG-14
EJTAG v1.5x/v2.0x 20-way IDC debug cable TPA-MIPS-EJTAG-20
TCB-PDTrace (EJTAG v2.6x) 38-way MICTOR™ Trace cable TPA-MIPS-PDTrace-38
TCB-PCTrace (EEJTAG v2.0x) 28-way 0.05"-pitch IDC Trace cable TPA-MIPS-PCTrace-28
TCB-PCTrace (EJTAG v2.0x) 20-way 0.05"-pitch IDC Trace cable TPA-MIPS-PCTrace-20