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Opella-XDS560 Ultra-high-speed JTAG Debug Probe for TI Development

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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Ashling's Opella-XDS560 JTAG Debug Probe, supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems, is the fastest-available debug probe for embedded development on Texas Instruments (TI) Digital Signal Processors and embedded microcontrollers

Opella-XDS560 is designed to work with TI’s Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio™) IDE and seamlessly plugs into the CCStudio environment. You can conveniently and quickly debug your application code actually running on your target system. Opella-XDS560 provides full support for all CCStudio hardware-debug features including program download, breakpoints, memory and register access and source-level program control (go, halt, step).

Advanced features of Opella-XDS560 PDF datasheet: Opella-XD High-speed JTAG debug interface for TI include:

Opella-XD TI JTAG emulator

The compact and powerful Opella-XDS560 unit provides the JTAG hardware interface between TI's Code Composer Studio™ IDE and Source-Level Debugger, and your target TI application.

Benefits of Opella-XD560 to the Texas Instruments hardware developer include:

Opella-XD Debug Probe Specification:

Texas Instruments' Device Support:

All popular Texas Instruments device-families are supported, including TMS320DM643x, TMS320C672x, TMS320C674x, TMS320C54x, TMS320DM64x, OMAP-Lx, TMS320C647x, TMS320C67x, TMS320DM644x, TMS320C642x, TMS320C55x, TMS320DM646x, OMAP35x, TMS320C645x, TMS320DM3x.

System Requirements

Opella-XDS560 Order Codes:

Product Order Code
Opella-XDS560 JTAG Debug Probe. Includes 14-pin target probe cable, AD-CTI-20 20-pin Adapter, USB 2.0 cable, power supply, getting-started guide and CD with User Manual and CCS software drivers Opella-XDS560
Compact 20-pin Adapter converts 14-pin target probe cable to 20-pin format. Included with Opella-XDS560 AD-CTI-20