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Opella-XD-ARC Ultra-high-speed JTAG Debug Probe for ARC Cores

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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Ashling's Opella-XD JTAG Debug Probe, supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems, is the fastest-available debug probe for embedded development with ARC International’s ARC™ configurable RISC cores.

Used together with the ARC SeeCode or GNU GDB ARC Debuggers, Opella-XD-ARC provides a complete Emulation, Code-download, Source Debugging and FPGA programming workbench for development of embedded systems based on any of ARC’s Configurable RISC Cores

Advanced features of Opella-XD-ARC PDF datasheet: Opella-XD High-speed JTAG debug interface for ARC Cores include:

Opella-XD ARC JTAG emulator

The compact and powerful Opella-XD-ARC unit provides the JTAG hardware interface between the Source-Level Debugger and your target ARC-core application.

Benefits of Opella-XD to the embedded hardware developer include:

Opella-XD Debug Probe Specification:

Target Connection

20-pin .1” Target Probe Assembly for Debug interface to target ARC-core device or target FPGA. Optional 15-pin D-Type JTAG target probe adapter for Debug interface to ARCangel prototyping system.

Device Support:

All ARC cores with a JTAG Debug Interface are supported, including ARC 600, ARC 700, Energy Pro EP20 and EP30, ARCtangent-A4 and ARCtangent-A5. The ARCangel Prototyping System is also supported.

Product configuration:

Each Opella-XD-ARC product package includes:

The Ashling DRI-XD-SeeCode-ARC software driver package is ordered separately. The software package includes both Windows- and Linux-hosted drivers, and operates with the ARC SeeCode or GNU GDB ARC debuggers. A 15-pin D-Type target socket adapter is available as an option, for use with the ARCangel prototyping system.

Opella-XD-ARC Order Codes:

Product Order Code
Opella-XD-ARC High-Performance Debug Probe. Includes TPAOP-ARC20 target cable, USB 2.0 cable and documentation. Requires DRI-XD-SeeCode-ARC driver software. Opella-XD-ARC
DRI-XD-SeeCode-ARC software drivers. To connect Opella-XD to ARC SeeCode Debugger or GNU GDB ARC open-source debugger, on Windows and Linux hosts DRI-XD-SeeCode-ARC
TPAOP-ARC20 Probe Cable, with 20-pin 0.1”-pitch IDC connector. Supports target voltages 0.9V to 3.6V. Included with Opella-XD-ARC. TPAOP-ARC20
AD-ARC-D15 Adapter, used with TPAOP-ARC20 probe cable to connect to 15-pin connector on ARCangel prototyping system AD-ARC-D15