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Ashling debugging tools for Microchip® PIC32™ family

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Arcadi Systems is the Authorized Distributor for Ashling Microsystems in North America
Ashling Development Tools from Arcadi Systems

Ashling Source Debugger and Hardware Debug Probe for Microchip® PIC32™ development

Microchip’s new PIC32™ controller family is based on the high-performance MIPS® M4K RISC core. Building on Microchip's 8- and 16-bit PIC® microcontrollers, the PIC32™ MCU family delivers 32-bit performance to power increasingly-complex embedded designs.

Developed in co-operation with Microchip Technology, Inc. and supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems, the Ashling toolset for PIC32 PDF datasheet: Ashling toolset for Microchip PIC32 devices offers a comprehensive solution for PIC32™ application development.

The toolset includes: Opella-XD MIPS EJTAG emulator
The compact and powerful Opella-XD-MIPS unit provides the EJTAG hardware interface between the Source-Level Debugger and your target Microchip PIC32 application.

PathFinder-PIC32 Source Debugger

PathFinder-MIPS is Ashling's Source-level Debugger for PIC32™ devices, with multiple user-configurable windows, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, hover data display, splitter windows, menu-bar, and script (macro)-file controls. PathFinder’s Object-Oriented Monitoring and Editing System provides tree-structured “click to expand” access to all memory-areas, register sets, registers and bits of the PIC32 processor, with a logical and friendly display.

PathFinder is the User Interface for the Ashling Opella-PIC32 Emulator, and the Vitra-PIC32 Emulator and Trace.

PathFinder Source-level debugger for Microchip PIC32
The PathFinder Source-Level Debugger for Microchip PIC32 development features multiple user-configurable windows, point-and-click, drag-and-drop, hover help and hover data display, splitter windows, menu-bar, button, hot-key and script (macro)-file controls.

PathFinder features include:

GDB-Server-MIPS Drivers

Ashling's GDB-Server-MIPS software package, allows Ashling’s Target Debug Probes to be used with the GNU GDB MIPS open-source debugger. The Ashling GNU GDB Server is available for Windows and Linux (x86-based) hosts and supports GNU GDB and all Eclipse CDT-based debuggers, including MontaVista Devrocket.

Devices Supported

Microchip PIC32MX300, PIC32MX320, PIC32MX340, PIC32MX360.
Contact Arcadi Systems for support on new Microchip PIC32 devices.

PIC32 Toolset Order Codes:

Product Order Code
Opella-XD-MIPS Debug Probe. Includes USB 2.0 cable, documentation and diagnostic software Opella-XD-MIPS
14-pin Target Probe Cable with 0.1"-pitch IDC connector. EJTAG versions 2.5 - 4.10. Supports target voltages 0.9V to 3.3V TPAOP-MIPS14
PathFinder-MIPS Source Debugger software for Windows hosts; supports all popular MIPS compilers. PF-MIPS
GDB-Server-MIPS drivers: To connect GNU GDB-Server-compliant Source Debugger (Windows and Linux hosts) to Opella-XD Probe GDB-Server-MIPS-XD