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Byte Craft Compilers for Embedded Development

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Arcadi Systems supplies and supports the full range of Compilers and Assemblers from Byte Craft

Byte Craft's Compilers and Assemblers are supplied and supported by Arcadi Systems

Byte Craft Compilers and Assemblers

Byte Craft Tools for Embedded Development

Byte Craft Limited makes C compilers and macro-assemblers for a wide range of Embedded Microprocessors with specialized instruction-sets.

Byte Craft's range of Code Development Systems PDF brochure (250KB): Byte Craft Code Development Systems includes:

Each Code Development System has a C compiler targeted to a specific microcontroller family, with a built-in macro assembler, editor, development environment, and library and example programs in source code. Each compiler features tight, highly-optimized-executable code,with interrupt support, symbolic output for emulators, and support for source-level debugging on popular emulators.

Each Byte Craft Code Development System includes a


Byte Craft compilers generate tight and fast executables, as well as configurable listing files that allow analysis of the generated code and original source.

Header files describe each processor derivative. #pragma statements configure the compiler for available interrupts, memory resources, ports, and configuration registers.

Convenient #defines make your programs portable between members of a processor family. C extensions include bit and bits data types, binary constants, case statement extensions, direct register access in C, embedded assembly, initialization control, direct variable placement and interrupt support in C.

Linking and locating

Two methods for linking are provided: Either route provides optimization at final code generation. You can include Macro Assembler instructions within C code, or as separate source files. Embedded assembly code can call C functions and access C variables directly. You can also pass arguments to and from assembly code.

Editor and Integrated Development Environment

Code development systems include BCLIDE, a custom-designed Integrated Development Environment. BCLIDE optimizes the process of developing code for embedded microcontrollers by offering:


All Byte Craft Code Development Systems ship with math libraries that implement long math routines and other math operations that are not internally generated by the compiler. The math libraries ship with source code, so you can inspect the C code used to implement them. Several other libraries are also included.

Fuzz-C™ Fuzzy Logic code development system

The Fuzz-C Preprocessor for Fuzzy Logic makes it easy to add fuzzy logic control to an embedded microprocessor application. The preprocessor translates a source file of mixed fuzzy-logic statements and C statements to a file of pure C source code. The resulting C source file can be compiled using any C compiler to quickly integrate fuzzy logic with supporting C functions.

The C code that is produced is efficient and reliable. Standard defuzzification methods are included in source form, and new methods can be easily added. Fuzzy functions and C functions are completely integrated and can call each other.

Software Upgrades

Registered customers receive free upgrades and technical support for one year after purchase. All other registered users may purchase major releases for a fraction of the full cost. Byte Craft maintains a high level of technical support for our customers.